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Joe Gomes warns the members trying to jump into the BJP that BJP shouldn’t think that they can play around with the mandate of the people .
States that there are 1000’s of youth who are gonna come out on the streets .
‘’BJP you can’t kill democracy, enough is enough’’ says Joe
Elected members have been elected by the people , for the people and not to fill their pockets.

Tanoj Adwalpalkar mentions that Goa has become well known due of offtrading .
These ministers have hurt the sentiments of the people. In spite of numerous laws banning defection , it still takes places .
Adwalpalkar warns the people of Goa to stay awake and speak up .

Savio Coutinho states that they’ve come together to create awareness And warns the ministers that the last time the process of defection had taken place , it won’t be the same now by cheating the mandate of the people .
If At all these ministers continue the same ,the people won’t be quiet will definitely speak up and we Goans won’t be afraid to agitate and protest infront of their houses.

Anthony Dsilva (Brain box) states that One warning to the new members of the congress that 100% they won’t get re-elected
As the other ministers are seasoned ministers .
Asks them not to attempt to crossover as your political career will be ground zero

Tara Kerkar says, that the Congress MLA’s trying to jump Into the BJP aren’t fit and capable of sitting in the assembly and compares them to monkeys and frogs .

Jay says that there’s no smoke without fire and that he doesn’t blame the politicians.
He believes that it’s the fault of the Goans as well
If the people of Goa don’t trust these politicians , then what is the reason they’ve been elected as MLA’S?
It is definitely our fault in electing the wrong leaders And that if we want to work for the betterment of Goa, we need to first improve.

Pleads goans to come together ,to speak up and show our power
We elect leaders to work for our betterment for proper facilities and surroundings .
Questions the MLA , asking them why have the people of Goa elected y’all ?
They should be thought a lesson by doing the same as that the people of Srilanka had done to their minister .

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