St.Andre MLA Viresh Borkar’s highlights on major issues:-

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Settlement of Land records where land is been snatched of Goan origin people living abroad, he demanded to identify the land and give protection.

On Land Acquisition he requested to pay amount of those who land acquired for various reason under LARR.

On Revenue. MLA highlighted 18,000 hectors of Khazan land which can be a revenue generating model, and requested to appoint land protection for same. He further mentioned to fastrack transfer of names to their children so that future generation can cultivate.
On Communidade he highlighted the issue affected to Goans is the illegality on Communidade Land.
MLA said, anyone coming to Goa and opening businesses like Scrapyards, small factories and even multiple dwellings all this happens illegally. Whereas our Goans are staying for rent in their own land, he said to take measure and try to give some land to Goans.
He requested government to demolish illegal slums and all illegalities at the earliest and use these lands to generated revenue. He said proper Rules and Regulations to be followed. He further mentioned Zuri Agro land which belongs Communidade to be reverted back to Communidade rather than going for Real Estate firms.
MLA demanded to scrap Memorandum Self-declartion to obtain caste, Resident or income certificate and make a new procedure so that Goan Origin can apply.

On GMC issue he said that tribal Goans are still not handovered their installs which were demolished, He said that shop system to fruit/ vegetables vendors is a failure because there is no air flow, which will lead to rotting of their fruits and vegetables.

On Natural Calamities he highlighted Madhav Gadgil’s report and less budget is allocated in this years budget. He said till date Disaster Management website is still not available whereas government allocated 20lakhs for same.

On Employment he highlighted MLA Divya’s question where not even one Goan is employed in one of the industrial estate. He said Government’s own MP is demanding for Goans to employ. Whereas 12lakhs is allocated for Employment, this means Government is not serious.
On Animal Husbandry he requested for Animal Ambulance and Strengthening of Animal Hospitals.

On fish processing unit just 10,000/- is given needs to be increased.

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