Stop killing Goans with Oxygen shortage. Raise SOS with Centre. Do daily Oxygen Audit: AAP

Aam Aadmi Party has said the oxygen shortage in Goa has turned into a major crisis, and lambasted the BJP Govt for allowing Goans to die simply for want of oxygen. State Convenor Rahul Mhambre said this is nothing less than criminal negligence by the Chief Minister and Health Minister.

Highlighting the desperate plight of patients, Mhambre said “AAP volunteers are handling distress calls for oxygen at all times of the day and night. They have delivered cylinders to both Govt hospitals as well as Private, and the situation is pathetic in both”.

Questioning the basis on which patients are being asked to source their own cylinders, Mhambre said “It is unconscionable that the Govt has still not equipped the hospitals with the most basic tools they need to treat the disease, right from oxygen to ventilators. Both doctors and patients are completely helpless”.

Mhambre revealed that there are simply no cylinders available in the market anymore. Even the regulators required to attach the breathing apparatus are in short supply. The price of regulators that were otherwise available for ₹4500 has shot to ₹25000 as there is shortage in the market.
“From where are the patients supposed to source oxygen cylinders and regulators? Can the Health Minister please provide us the names and contact numbers of the vendors?”, Mhambre demanded.

Mhambre criticised the Health Minister’s statement two days ago that security has been tightened at GMC and that no external cylinders are being allowed in. Mhambre said this reveals the disturbing fact that the Minister has no clue of the actual situation of the ground, and suggested that Rane should visit the covid hospitals instead of having press conference in 5-star hotels.

Mhambre also cornered the Chief Minister on his claim made on April 24th that the Centre had allocated two oxygen plants for Goa under PM Cares fund. Mhambre reminded the CM of his promise that one of them would be ready within 15 days, and demanded to know why Goans are still dying from oxygen shortage two weeks later.

Mhambre said the Govt seems to have learnt no lessons from the SOS situation that happened at GMC
“If patients are being asked to get their own oxygen cylinders, that means oxygen has already run out. Why have no systems been set up for hospitals to raise an SOS in case oxygen supply runs out?.”
Mhambre demanded that the Govt needs to do an Oxygen Audit on a daily basis, and ensure that the actual supply of oxygen to the state matches the demands of all the covid hospitals, Govt as well as private. Mhambre also said it is curious why the CM has still not raised an SOS with the Centre which is ultimately responsible for the oxygen supply, especially after the quota of the state was slashed from 40 tons to 11 tons.

Chiding the BJP leaders who tweeted praises for the Goa Govt for its handling of the covid situation, Mhambre said the BJP should stop patting its own back while hundreds of Goans are dying every week. Mhambre said CM beimg a doctor himself should spend a entire day at GMC to understand the ground realities and difficulties faced by the people.

Mhambre advised CM Sawant to learn from Arvind Kejriwal how to be a true “sevak” of his people, recalling how the Delhi CM continuously raised the Oxygen issue with the PM and the Centre until he finally got the full quota. Mhambre said that like the AAP Govt releases a daily oxygen audit report of oxygen requirement, supplies received and allocated to hospitals, Goa Govt must likewise release such report on daily basis.