Strict instructions given to the DCF: Forest Min, Vishwajit Rane

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Strict instructions are been given to the DCF, orders are been issued to post DCFs in various ranges in all the areas. Entry into the wildlife sanctuaries will be prohibited, people will not be allowed to put wildfires. The RFOs and the forest guards posted in their respective areas will have to stay there 24/7 to monitor wildfires.I have instructed the DCF that his team will be responsible and will have to provide an explanation on whatever happens in the perimeters of the wildlife sanctuary. We will not allow destruction of the Mhadei forest, it is a collective responsibility of the department as well as the citizens of the state to protect and conserve the wildlife.We have also taken aid from the Defence Ministry for in-principle approval of additional helicopters. It appears prima facie to be a man-made incident. A detailed inquiry as per the discussion with the Chief Minister last night has been ordered. The people responsible for this will be taken to task and suspended. In addition, I have given stern instructions that anybody found entering the wildlife sanctuary or putting a fire will be arrested under the Forest Act : Forest Min, Vishwajit Rane

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