The central government is constantly trying to streamline the process to make the vaccination process universal.

The Central Government has been supporting the efforts of the State and Union Territory Governments through the concept of “Total Government” since January 16 this year to ensure smooth and effective implementation of the Covid Prevention Vaccination Campaign. The Central Government has set up the Covin Digital Forum to streamline the process of vaccination of beneficiaries in various categories across the country. The Covin Forum works to provide the backbone of technology for the effective and speedy delivery of the covid vaccine.

To make the vaccination process universal, the Central Government is constantly trying to streamline the process. Against this backdrop, the Union Ministry of Health in a letter to the states and Union Territories today said that UDID should be included in the list of photo IDs required for registration for vaccination on the Covin 2.0 platform. The guideline issued on March 2, 2021 for the operation of the Covin 2.0 platform mandated that 7 types of photo credentials be verified and submitted before vaccination to verify the identity of the beneficiary before vaccination. 

In a letter to the States and Union Territories, the Union Ministry of Health said that the UDID issued to persons with disabilities by the Department of Disability Empowerment of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment includes all necessary details such as name, year of birth, gender and photo of the person and identification at the time of vaccination. They meet the criteria for convincing.

Therefore, in order to facilitate immunization for persons with disabilities, it was decided to include UDID in the pre-determined list of photo IDs required for Covid-19 vaccination. Necessary improvements are being made and will soon be available for use on the Covin platform.

The Union Government has advised the States and Union Territories to raise awareness about the permission given for the use of UDID as a photo identity card for vaccine prevention.