The government should assess the loss as soon as possible – Shripad Naik

Panaji: The people of Goa, who are suffering due to the Covid pandemic , have been devastated by the cyclone. ‘Toukte’ has caused huge damage to Goa. Those affected by the natural calamity need help on priority bases, expressed Shri Shripad Naik , Union Minister of State for Defence.

Although the cyclone has hit the whole of Goa, it has taken a heavy toll on horticulturists and farmers in North Goa. Number of houses have collapsed. Covid 19  has already shut down people’s businesses. While the people’s means of livelihood are almost paralyzed , the hurricane has also taken away their shelter.  In such a difficult situation, it has become necessary  for the victims to get help in time, said Shri. Naik.

The government should assess the damage on priority bases and send a proposal to the central government for assistance. I shall  follow up matter and see that victims get the help as soon as possible, Shri  Naik further said.

The people of Goa are now in a dilemma as to how to cope up with the Covid pandemic and how to recover from a natural disaster. We need to support them. It is high time to put an end to the differences and  work together. Shri Naik said.

This disaster which has caused huge damage is considered one of the worst of this decade. The state government`s disaster management is working day and night to normalize life. The government system is under a lot of stress. However, the rehabilitation of the disaster victims has to be done on priority, Shri. Naik emphasized.