This is Kejriwal’s guarantee. Kejriwal does what he says; if AAP is elected in Goa, each house will get up to 300 units of free electricity: Arvind Kejriwal

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73% people in Delhi pay zero bill, 87% people in Goa will have to pay zero bill once they elect AAP to power: Arvind Kejriwal

Aam Aadmi Party’s National Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday addressed a press conference to announce his first set of guarantees for the state of Goa that will be implemented once the party is elected to power in the state. The set of guarantees announced today aim to solve the predominant problems related to electricity in Goa. Shri Kejriwal said that AAP’s government in Goa will give up to 300 units of free electricity in the state while ensuring 24×7 constant power supply. He also said that all old power bills will be waived off and farmers will get free electricity. Giving substance to his announcement, the AAP National Convenor said that he was not making any hollow election promises, all of this has been implemented in Delhi and that 73% households in Delhi get zero bills and when implemented, 87% people of Goa will get zero bills.

He also attacked the corrupt political system of Goa and reinforced that the people of Goa are fed up with how they voted for Congress but BJP ended up forming their government in the state. He assured the people of the state of bringing a change in the state and introducing a clean political system with fresh faces, telling them how no AAP MLA could ever be bought by the BJP to form their own government.

A delegation of cashew farmers from Goa met Shri Arvind Kejriwal and presented a memorandum where they quoted serveral issues related to MSP on cashew farming. They requested Shri Arvind Kejriwal and AAP to take this issue forward and raise their voices on behalf of the farmers.

These announcements were made in the presence of AAP Goa Convenee Mr Rahul Mhambre, AAP leader Mr Gauresha Gaonkar, and former sarpanch of Sanguem, Mr Surel Tilve, Vice President AAP Goa and Ms Pratima Coutinho, Vice President AAP Goa.

Talking about the aspirations of the people of Goa, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “Goa wants change, Goa wants clean politics. The people of Goa are seeing how the people of Delhi kicked both BJP and Congress out and brought in the clean politics of AAP. They are asking if Delhi can get free electricity, why can’t Goa? If there can be a 24 hour power supply in Delhi then why do power cuts take place in Goa? If Delhi can have the best in class government hospitals, mohalla clinics, roads, infrastructure and water, why can the people of Goa not get it?”

“Today I want to give my first guarantee about the schemes AAP will implement if we form our government in Goa. We went amongst the people of Goa and understood what their issues and concerns were, what they wanted. We got to know people are very distressed because of electricity and the power cuts. Yesterday, I was having dinner with some Goans. They said they were fed up with the power cuts even though Goa is a power surplus state. People told us that the electricity rates in Goa are exorbitant; with lack of jobs and financial difficulties because of COVID it is implausible to pay bills here. They told us how erroneous the old bills were. They have to run from pillar to post to get them fixed and yet they are asked for bribes to correct them,” Shri Kejriwal said.

“Keeping all of this in mind, and on demand of the people of Goa I want to make my first guarantee on the electricity problem in the state. If I am guaranteeing this, it means AAP will implement it. This is not a mere hollow election promise, this is not a “jumla” as other parties make. Kejriwal does what he says. This is my guarantee we will do it.” he added.

The AAP National Convenor said he was giving the people of Goa four guarantees for the electricity sector.

First, every family, every month will get up to 300 units of electricity for free. “When I was having dinner yesterday, I was told there is an MLA here who pays your electricity bills if you drop them in the MLA’s letterbox. I want to tell the people of that constituency, you don’t need to be reliant on the MLA, the AAP government will give you freedom. The MLA won’t pay your bill, the bill you will receive will read, the amount to be paid is zero. That’s what happens in Delhi,” Shri Kejriwal said announcing the first scheme.

“73% of Delhi gets zero electricity bill, after today’s announcement when AAP is elected 87% of Goa will start getting zero electricity bill,” he added.

On the second guarantee, he said, “we noticed there are a lot of erroneous old electricity bills which are a hassle for the consumers to get corrected. All old bills will be waived off. We will excuse all old bills and start on a clean slate. We have done this in Delhi. These are not empty promises, this is all tried and tested.”

Third, there will be no power cuts in Goa, AAP will give 24-hour electricity supply. “In Delhi, AAP made their government in 2015, I remember in the summers of 2014 there used to be 6-7 hour long power cuts. Delhi too had a power surplus like Goa, but the condition of the cables, transformers and distribution networks was terrible. I studied Goa’s distribution network. There’s the same problem here. In the first 2.5 years of our government in Delhi, I along with my power minister, went to the roads ourselves to get all these problems fixed. It took us almost 3 years, but we strengthened our system. We will do the same in Goa, there is sufficient power here, we will make sure it reaches you,” Shri Kejriwal said.

“Fourth, farmers will get free electricity for agriculture. They need it the most. These are my four guarantees. I will come back next month. Till then we will collect information as to what the people of Goa need. I believe that today’s announcement will make the women of the state the happiest, because in our society the women manage the household finances, the man only earns, the women manage how the house will be run,” Shri Kejriwal announced outlining the scheme.

Shri Arvind Kejriwal also discussed the bewildering state of politics in Goa.

Elections become a farce when MLAs defect to another party to form government: Arvind Kejriwal

Two years ago, on 10th July 2019, 10 Congress MLAs defected to the BJP and BJP formed their government in the state. He said, “People voted for a Congress government, they gave them the mandate but BJP ended up making the government. The party which people gave only 13 MLAs, that party sits in power with 28 MLAs today. The party which people gave 17 MLAs only has 5 MLAs today. What is happening here? This is not just my question, every Goan wants to know that. What is the point of elections here, why don’t they just deal with each other, pay each other money and decide who will form the government. Elections become a farce when such things happen.”

“This is cheating. This is not right. When people ask the MLAs who defected from their parties to the BJP about why they left, they say they wanted to go to the ruling party so they could streamline work in public interest. I want to ask the people of Goa, did they manage to fulfil any work in public interest? They said they went over in public interest, did they fulfil the public interest or their own personal interests? Conduct a survey. Whoever defected to BJP, do people of their constituency say that these MLAs have done anything for the public?” Shri Kejriwal said, questioning the conscience of those MLAs who defected to the BJP.

“Our party has been working from the ground here, visiting each household, each village. People say they either defected for money or power, this is what the people say. Both these parties broke the trust of the people of Goa, since we have started our campaign, 1000s of people are registering to pledge they won’t vote for the two parties,” he added.

We are not politicians; we do not know how to do politics. This is our biggest strength and weakness: Arvind Kejriwal

“I am extremely delighted we formed the Aam Aadmi Party. We are not politicians; we do not know how to do politics. This is our biggest strength and weakness. We formed this party for the country, we are here to serve the people of Goa. I am very happy about this. Today I met a taxi driver, he said during the entire pandemic period no one came to us, only AAP did, they were the only ones who came to give ration and took care of our wellbeing. Only AAP came to us with oximeters for checkups, to give us treatment,” Shri Kejriwal said, talking about the groundwork the party is doing in Goa.

“I want to congratulate all the volunteers, workers and members of the party who even in such tough times were serving the people going from one household to another without caring for themselves,” he added.

In today’s time, there is no difference between Congress or BJP, whichever party you vote for MLAs anyway will defect to the BJP: Arvind Kejriwal

“Goa has decided they want to move over corrupt, party hopping politics, they want clean politics. In today’s time, there is no difference between Congress or BJP, whichever party you vote for MLAs anyway will defect to the BJP. The people have decided they want change. This state has been saying this kind of politics for 15-20 years, not just Goa in fact, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh all saw Congress MLAs defect to BJP. They did not have an option earlier, now they do – Aam Aadmi Party,” Shri Kejriwal said.

“When the first AAP government was made in Delhi we had 28 MLAs, BJP had 32, 35 are required to make the government. They needed only 3 MLAs. They could not buy even 3 MLAs from our 28 MLAs. Next time we made our government we had 67 MLAs, BJP tried their best to disqualify 21 of our MLAs, they could not make even one of our MLAs defect in Delhi,” he added.

Talking about bringing fresh faces to Goa, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “why is it that wherever people vote for Congress, the BJP ends up forming the government, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh are living examples. Enough of old parties and enough of old faces. The people of Goa have realised that these old parties and their old politicians can not bring change, they don’t expect anything from them now, they want fresh faces.”

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