Trust Goa TMC, we are here to serve Goa for years to come: GOA TMC

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Following the current political developments in the state, TMC Rajya Sabha leader Derek O’Brien, Goa TMC State joint Convenors Samil Volvaikar and Mariano Rodrigues, along with General Secretary, Avita Bandodkar and Media Coordinator Trajano D’Mello reaffirmed Goa Trinamool Congress’ commitment to serve the people of Goa a press conference held at the party office in Panaji.

Reminding the people of Goa about TMC’s commitment, TMC Rajya Sabha leader Derek O’Brien said,” In September last year we said trust TMC; one year later we say just that: Trust TMC. We are here to serve Goa for years to come. It is because of our credibility that we can promise the same today.’

Hinting towards the present political landscape where Congress has failed to keep its flock together, O’ Brien said, ‘Before the elections our candidates asserted that a vote for Goa TMC will always be a vote for Goa TMC, unlike the Congress and the BJP parties who have been in cahoots together to fool the people of Goa for selfish personal gain”

Emphasizing the party’s intention towards the people of Goa, he requested, ‘Trust Goa TMC by keeping a close eye on how tirelessly we are building the party organization from the grassroot level.’ Summarizing Goa TMC’s first State Committee meeting, O’Brien asserted, ‘The meeting was chaired and run Goa TMC leaders who have taken it upon themselves to build the organization from the ground up.’

Outlining the party’s stand Derek O’ Brien quoted AITC Chairperson Mamata Banerjee and said, ‘Religion is private and festivals are for everyone.’

Reassuring Goa TMC’s commitment for the people of Goa, Goa TMC joint Convenor Samil Volvaikar, Mariano Rodrigues, and Avita Bandodkar highlighted the party’s three promises and said, ‘We are here to work for the people of Goa and ensure that we deliver our schemes, Griha Laxmi Scheme, Yuva Shakti Card, and title and ownership rights to each and every Goan.’

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