Two panchayats, two yardsticks, Socorro panch members fear sabotage of no confidence against BJP Sarpanch

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Porvorim: With the Block Development Officer keeping a long period between the issuing of no confidence motion and the actual meeting to discuss it, all the six members of Socorro Panchayat, who have showed no confidence on Sarpanch Sandeep Vazarkar and his deputy Deepali Satardekar, fear misuse of government machinery to sabotage the process.

The group of panch members led by Anil Pednekar has pointed out that while in case of Salvador do Mundo, who was toppled by BJP backed panch members, had entire process of ousting the old Sarpanch and installing the new sarpanch within seven days, whereas in case of Succoro, the time lapse between no confidence motion and meeting to discuss it is 13 days.

The authorities have called for a special meeting on October 05 to discuss the no confidence motion moved against Vazarkar and Satardekar. Pednekar has anticipated that all the efforts would be made by the BJP Government to ensure that the meeting is sabotaged, similar to what they did recently in Siridao Panchayat.

Addressing a press conference along with other members including Sandeep Manjrekar, Reshma Morajkar, Maya Keni, Sanjay Pednekar and Rovlu Parsekar, Pednekar feared that Block Development Officer or Panchayat Secretary may remain absent on the day of the meeting, when the motion would be discussed.

Pednekar has appealed to the Chief Minister Dr Pramod P Sawant to “intervene in the matter” and ensure that justice is prevailed in the matter and action is taken on the Sarpanch for the scams and illegalities done by him.

Speaking on the occasion, Sandeep Mandrekar said that in case of Salvador do Mundo Panchayat, the entire process was finished in seven days. The no confidence motion on Sandeep Salgaonkar and Reena Fernandes was moved on June 25, 2021 while on the same day BDO issued notice of no confidence to Panchayat. On June 30, both the Sarpanch and Deputy resigned from the post on their own. The meeting was called on July 02

“Two yardsticks are used for the Panchayats in the same constituency, which raises the doubt that the process may be sabotaged, the way they had done in case of Siridao-Pale Panchayat, where BJP panel was defeated,” he said.

The Panch members of Socorro Panchayat who has moved the no confidence motion has claimed that they are apolitical and has no affiliation to any political party.

“We are not affiliated to any political party and functioning as Independent. That is why I request Chief Minister, who is head of the state to ensure that the process is not derailed,” Pednekar said.

If the Govt. plays dirty, we have already kept plan of approaching Court for Justice.

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