As you are well aware, Goa is currently facing the biggest health emergency in its recent history and of our life times.  The second wave of the Covid pandemic is out of control in Goa, the rate of positivity and fatalities has reached unprecedented levels and is the highest in the country

The rapid spread of the Corona virus has put the entire health infrastructure in the state under tremendous pressure. There is a shortage of hospital spaces & the current infrastructure is finding it difficult to cope with the growing number of cases, shortage of medical equipment and essentials like oxygen, vaccination doses etc.

The medical professionals and health care workers are overburdened & overstressed which is taking a toll on the healthcare infrastructure and we fear an upcoming break down of the same  if no severe corrective measures are adopted soon.        

From our own experience last year we know that it was the your brave decision of implementing the total lockdown that actually helped us in controlling the virus from spreading.   

This time around, we have concentrated more on the economic revival and liveliehoods and rightly so as an unprecedented number of our citizens have been reduced to poverty due to job and income loss. This has resulted in them being robbed of thei dignity and self worth.However considering the ferocity of the pandemic which was unable to be predicted the situation calls for an urgent and immediate LOCKDOWN.

While we appreciate the various measures taken by the State administration to overcome the crisis, it appears that measures like partial lockdowns & restrictions are not showing the desired results & there is a growing concern in the minds of the citizens of Goa.

Sir, there is urgent need to take the extreme measure of ” lockdown subject to exemptions and explanatory note herein below”for 21 days (3 weeks) with a view to control & stabilize the increasing number of positive cases and fatalities and give the Healthcare systems and the health workers a much required breather & also an opportunity for the administration to ramp up the capacities and capabilities of the infrastructure.

As the apex body representing the Hotel, Travel & Tourism Trade in Goa, the TTAG actively works with Goa Tourism Department, GTDC, GCCI, CCI & the Government of Goa in all tourism related matters & is a platform which forms a bridge between the trade & government.

Therefore, we recommend a total and strict lockdown in the State.

·         It should be made mandatory to have negative RTPCR certificate to enter the state of Goa.As as per ICMR advisory those having a 14 day covid positive report and those having had both shots of their vaccine should be allowed. Along with the person who had covid antibodies certificates.For those having had their 2nd shot, a fifteen day period after the 2nd shot should have elapsed.

·         We urge you to give an advance notice of 5 days before any lockdown comes into effect, so as to allow all people to get their affairs in order & also to prevent panic among citizens.

·         “ lockdown subject to exemptions and explanatory note herein below”in the State for 21 days.

·         People allowed out of houses only for groceries from 9am to 2pm everyday & in the case of emergencies.

·         A few more points & exemptions as mentioned in the attached Annexure – I, may be kindly be considered.

We hope you will consider the above measures which will help to prevent the spread of Corona Virus and avert further loss of lives in Goa