Vishwajeet K Rane, senior BJP leader set to join AAP

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Vishwajeet Krishnarao Rane, a senior BJP leader along with a large number of supporters set to join Aam Aadmi Party in the presence of Arvind Kejriwal, AAP national convenor and Delhi CM, on Tuesday.

Viswajeet Rane worked for the BJP for a decade and was one of its active senior leaders. He contested from Poriem against Pratap Singh Rane in the 2017 assembly elections.

While addressing media on Sunday afternoon he said, “We have seen both parties Congress and BJP ruling the state and neither has been able to bring about real change in the Sattari region. They only care about their own development and nothing else. This time people have lost faith both in BJP and Congress and they see only AAP as the right party to lead. My motivation for joining the BJP then was Manohar Parrikar’s vision. Since the current government has lost that vision, I feel Arvind Kejriwal’s vision alone can transform Goa. Therefore, I have decided to join AAP.”

“I am impressed by the work done by AAP, not only in Delhi but here in Goa as well. Nobody can deny that when we were battling the second covid wave, only AAP was there to help us. They provided rations, Oxygen Concentrators and a lot of things”, he added.

“I am son of the soil and I know how it feels when I see my beloved brothers deprived of development and basic facilities of health and education for years.
We all have shown trust in one family but what we have got? I see students running here and there for connectivity to attend online classes. I see my mothers and sisters struggling for basic medication”, Rane said.

“Many Sattari residents gave their land for the dam with the hope of a 24X7 water supply. Unfortunately, Sattarikars still struggle with water shortages. They rely on tanker deliveries. As far as basic amenities are concerned, the MLA has not been able to provide them in his long tenure, such as electricity and good roads in the Poriem constituency”, he said further.

“The unemployment rate is also a big issue in the constituency. Many graduates who have a B.Sc,, M.Sc or degree are applying for multitasking jobs, security jobs. Every day, 100-150 youth come to my office seeking assistance. If we establish multinational companies in Sattari, youth will benefit. Once AAP come to power, we will work for the betterment of young Goans”, he added.

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