”Vote for AAP to defeat BJP, if you vote for any other party it will go to BJP only”:Manish Sisodia

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Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Sunday unveiled the Aam Aadmi Party’s manifesto centered around the three Ps – Preservation, Progress, and Prosperity at the sabhas held in Shiroda, Cumbarjua, Cortalim, Nuvem and Benaulim.

Sisodia explained that the AAP is committed to preserve the rich culture and heritage, progress through the development of public utilities, city infrastructure and amenities and to ensure the prosperity of every individual through improved governance and holistic development.

AAP Shiroda candidate Mahadev Naik said that if the party is voted into power, he will resolve the unemployment problem of Shiroda people on a priority basis. “Our plan consists of creating many jobs in the public and private sectors. We will reserve 80 percent of the jobs for the locals, and we will guarantee monthly unemployment allowance of Rs. 3000 for the unemployed until they find employment”, he added.

In Cumbarjua, AAP candidate Gorakhnath Kerkar promised to resolve the water problem of Cumbarjua constituency and to set up a proper waste collection system for the constituency. Furthermore, he promised uninterrupted power supply and proper planning to alleviate traffic congestion in Cumbarjua.

AAP Cortalim candidate Alina Saldanha has promised scrapping of three linear projects that traverse Mollem biodiversity, and strict enforcement of a 5 km radius ban on trawler fishing, LED fishing, and bull trawling and no construction activity within CRZ zones.

Additionally, she plans to establish proper health care facilities in Cortalim, Quellosim, and Sancole, as well as water reservoirs to improve water supply to all homes in the Constituency.

In Nuvem, AAP candidate Dr. Mariano Godinho promises a special government policy protecting traditional Goan bakers, shack owners, and coconut pluckers. He plans to set up laboratories for testing Formalin in fish, and he aims to restore the Sal River.

In addition to skill development centres in all the panchayats of the constituency, he plans to establish a farmers market in Nuvem to enable farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers.

AAP Benaulim candidate Captain Venzy Viegas said “As the Benaulim business community has tired of ‘Haftagiri’ and ‘Dadagiri,’ I promise them that if AAP is elected I will create an environment that is conducive to business. The Seafarers bring a lot of revenue to the country, but this is forgotten once they retire. During Covid, many seafarers lost their incomes, yet they received no compensation. I will ensure social security schemes for the Seafarers, if AAP elected to power”.

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