“We will not back down from the Education Debate!” Capt Venzy Viegas

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Churchill Alemao’s son and nephew attack AAP volunteers and ZP Hanzel Fernandes.

Late last night in an unprovoked attack Churchill Alemao’s son Savio Alemao and nephew Warren Alemao attacked AAP volunteers and ZP Hanzel Fernandes in Benaulim. Fernandes along with AAP volunteers was putting up banners announcing the Benaulim Education Debate that AAP leader Capt Venzy Viegas had challenged Alemao for. Warren and Savio, seeing this, violently attacked them without any provocation. Warren and Savio also seemed under the influence of alcohol and refused to take an alcohol test. AAP has also shared a video which clearly shows the violence of the two relatives of Alemao.

 It is very clear that instead of talking about the issues plaguing Bannaulekars Churchill Alemao want’s to continue his tactics of goondagiri and intimidation. However AAP is not a party that will get intimidated of demanding accountability Capt Venzy Viegas is still waiting for Alemao to come and debate on the work he as an MLA has done on education.

The hallmark of Churchill Alemao’s politics is intimidation and lack of accountability. At a time when Bannaulekars  want to know what work their MLA has done on education, rather than talking about the same Alemao has decided to return to his tried and tested tactics of intimidation. He wants to intimidate the residents of Benaulim into silence so that he can continue to hold power and not be held accountable for anything. It is no secret that the state of Benauilim’s anganwadis and schools are terrible. Goans who work night and day are forced to shell out high amounts from their pockets for private schools and anganwadis while Govt facilities are ignored by their MLA.

“Savio and Warren blocked us with their car and got out and started harassing our volunteers. Despite all our attempts to calm them down we were attacked in an unprovoked manner by them.” said AAP ZP Hanzel Fernandes. “It’s time this politics of goondagiri stops. It is because of such people that the youth is afraid of entering politics. But as AAP we will not back down”.added Fernandes

“It was very clear that they were under the influence of alcohol” said AAP volunteer Neri Fernandes who was assaulted. ” I want to ask all of Goans, why can’t we have a debate on education” added Fernandes.
“This was a very clear call to debate on education, if Alemao didn’t want to participate he didn’t need to, but he has fallen so low that he attacked my son Hanzel” said Geraldine Fernandes AAP volunteer and mother of Hanzel Fernandes.

“Churchill is famous for the politics of intimidation. I want to ask my fellow Bannaulekars, is this the behaviour an MLA must have? When asked a simple question about his work he and his family members indulge in violence?” said Capt Venzy Viegas AAP leader. “He still has no answers for the questions asked on his work. And AAP will not stop asking. I want to tell Churchill Alemao, we are not scared! I am ready to debate with you on the pathetic state you have left Benaulims education. Are you? ” added Viegas

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