PANAJI: A woman from Pirla village in Quepem taluka delivered a baby boy in an ambulance on Thursday morning. Paramedic EMT Vithal did the delivery in the ambulance and both, the mother and baby are safe and admitted to PHC Balli.

According to information available, Netravali ambulance received a call for labour pain case at around 9:40 am. The scene location was 23 Kilometre at Konir-Pirla in Quepem taluka.

The ambulance staff reached the scene at around 10:07 pm. The scene route was muddy inside a mining area.

The woman was in stress due to labour pains from early morning. Ambulance staff entered the hut and saw there was PV dilated, bleeding and they immediately shifted her in ambulance and left the scene at 10:20 am.

As the ambulance was heading towards the hospital, which was about 13-km away, the pain increased and ambulance staff could see the crowning. Paramedic EMT (emergency medical technician) Vithal did the delivery in the ambulance.

Both — the mother and the child are admitted to the Primary Health Centre, Balli and both are safe.

According to GVM EMRI, the 108 ambulance in Goa handled around 35,000 pregnancy cases and over 900 deliveries were conducted in the ambulance since its inception 12 years ago.

Health Minister Vishwajit Rane tweeted, “The 108 emergency team has always been working relentlessly towards timely response. Thanking paramedic EMT Vithal for successfully delivering a baby boy in the ambulance. The 108 team is doing an excellent job of providing state-of-art emergency care services to the public”.