Youth Congress demands to terminate contract of Maharashtrian company providing taxis for election

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PANAJI: In a scathing attack on Goa government over hiring 1000 taxis from Maharashtra for assembly election, the President of Goa Pradesh Youth Congress Adv. Varad Mardolkar on Friday said that greedy and corrupt BJP is making Goan taxi operators suffer by hiring taxis from neighboring state.

“BJP has done this with its only mission of commission. If not, float fresh tenders and take Goan vehicles for this purpose.” Mardolkar said.

Adv. Mardolkar demanded to terminate the contract of the Maharashtrian company and give business to locals.

Mardolkar along with Gajan Tilve,
Archit Naik, Vivek Dsilva, Saish Aroskar, Himanshu Tivrekar
and others addressed a press conference in Panaji and lambasted the BJP government.

Gajanan Tilve said that GTDC chairman Dayanand Sopte tendered hiring of vehicles for the assembly election, which was awarded to Maharashtra company. “Traditional taxi operators are deprived. Dayanand Sopte has given this to Maharashtra company for commission.’’ he questioned.

He said that the BJP is not bothered by the poor people of Goa and of traditional business of the State. “Goan taxi operators suffered during COVID, however no business has been given to them. Even the taxi meter cost was exorbitant.” He said.

The criteria, of rupees ten lakh deposit and 3 crore turnover, drafted by GTDC couldn’t be fulfilled by Goans. “There are around 25 thousand taxis in Goa. Why was this business not given to them? The condition has been put so Goans don’t qualify for this tender. ” He said.

Adv. Mardolkar charged that a tender had been given for commission. “Taxi operators are struggling to pay the installments of their taxi loans. In this situation the government should have supported them, but instead business has been given to Maharashtra taxi operators. “ he said.

“Govt has made meters mandatory for all taxis. Then why these vehicles are brought without meters. Will this government takes action against them.” He said.

He said that the same mistake was committed during ISL, later the government was forced to give business to locals.

Adv. Mardolkar said that ‘Swayampurna’ and other slogans of BJP are for name sake. “may be BJP’s leaders have become Swayampurna with commission, and not people of Goa.” He said.

He said that people of Goa will send BJP home, who have made them suffer.

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