Youth Congress leader slams BJP govt over Atal Setu

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Panaji : Slamming the BJP government for taking up road repair works of Atal Setu that is causing traffic jams in Panaji, North Goa district president of Goa Youth Congress Rinaldo Rozario said that crores of rupees that were spent on the bridge have gone down the drain.
Rinaldo said that the government spent nearly Rs 600 crores on the Atal Setu, however numerous potholes developed within a year of its inauguration in January 2019.

“Bridges built by the Portuguese still stand strong to this day. However, we are seeing how roads and bridges built by the BJP government are eroding even before completing a year. It’s a shame that the Atal Setu that was touted as a signature project is now undergoing resurfacing in a short span,” he said.
He also said that Porvorim is bearing the brunt of the lackadaisical attitude of the government, as one stretch of the Atal Setu from Porvorim to Merces has been shut for tarring works.
“Office goers, businessmen as well as students are suffering. Vehicles are stuck for hours Porvorim. What is the government doing to alleviate their pain,” he questioned.
With several roads either dug up or undergoing resurfacing, the ongoing haphazard road infrastructure works in the capital city has put a severe strain on commuters.

Since the past new days, Panaji has been witnessing severe traffic snarls due to the smart city works that are under way as well as tarring of roads for the upcoming G20 meetings to be held in Goa.
Bottlenecks are being witnessed as some stretches are shut while traffic is being diverted, causing massive jams.
Rozario pointed out that while citizens continue to suffer owing to the callous attitude of authorities, government personnel on the other hand enjoy preferential treatment.
Citing an example of an ambulance that was stuck in the traffic gridlock on Tuesday, Rinaldo circulated a video shot by him showing how patients were struggling to reach hospital in time and another video where police escorts were accompanying 2 government vehicles and creating an easy passage to proceed ahead during the traffic jam.
“This BJP government has no concern for the common man. The government deliberately chooses to ignore the fact that people are silently suffering. There is complete apathy by the authorities to the plight of Goans,” he said.
He questioned the shoddy road works previously taken up for which hotmixing and other major works are being taken up frequently.
Rinaldo also called for fixing responsibility on those who take up substandard work on roads.
“The contractor must be pulled up and blacklisted. This will send out a strong message that citizen’s concern is of utmost priority,” he said.

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