Youth Congress protests in Goa against rising inflation, rising prices of petrol diesel, domestic gas cylinders, and against rising unemployment.

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Goa, 07 September 2021: Today the Indian Youth Congress protested against the Goa government over rising inflation, petrol diesel, domestic gas cylinder prices, and over rising unemployment. Modi government came to power by showing big dreams to the countrymen, today inflation has become fatal for the poor. The people of Goa are also suffering from inflation, youth are wandering due to unemployment, but the Goa government is busy in itself. Domestic cylinder prices are set to cross ₹ 1000, similarly petrol diesel prices are also on fire. People are troubled by inflation and unemployment, but the government is not ready to listen to the public’s call, and today when the Indian Youth Congress reached peacefully to register its protest, the Goa Police lathi-charged and arrested many Youth Congress colleagues.

The National President of Indian Youth Congress, Shri Srinivas BV ji said that what is the Modi government punishing the public by continuously increasing the prices of LPG cylinders? The price of gas cylinder has increased by up to ₹190. Modi government has become very expensive for the country and the countrymen. Petrol and diesel are the most expensive in India as compared to neighboring countries, and Modi ji is saying that the country is changing. He also said that the only and only Modi government and its anti-national policies are responsible for the troubles that have broken on the country. People who fill their treasury by putting the common man in trouble have forgotten that very soon they too have to go to the public court. This is Modi ji’s promise of ‘Acche Din’. According to the reports, most graduate unemployed are wandering on the streets today, but the government is busy in its branding by spreading its false propaganda. He also said that the Modi government has looted the public by increasing the oil tax under the ‘Janloot programme’. Even after this loot, there are only hollow promises on the part of the people, Modi government should stop looting the people.

National Incharge of Youth Congress and AICC Jt-Secretary Shri Krishna Allavaru ji said that the prices of gas cylinders have increased more than double during the Modi government as compared to the Manmohan Singh government. People are being trapped in the vicious cycle of inflation by showing the dream of good days. Today the government is not saying anything on the issue of employment of 2 crore jobs for youth every year, day by day lakhs of youth are becoming unemployed. But all these things do not seem to make any difference to the government. If there was even a slight difference, they would not have committed such atrocities on the public.

Indian Youth Congress National Media In-charge Rahul Rao said that the Indian Youth Congress today protested against rising inflation, petrol diesel domestic gas cylinder prices, and rising unemployment under the leadership of Indian Youth Congress National President Shri Srinivas BV ji against Goa Government. The Goa Police brutally lathi-charged the members of the Youth Congress and then arrested many members, but the Youth Congress is not going to back down from such use of force. Indian Youth Congress will continue to raise its voice against the corrupt policies of the government. Former Goa CM Shri Digambar Kamat ji, Goa Congress President Shri Girish Chondankar ji, Goa Youth Congress State President Varad Mardolkar, Goa In-charge and Youth Congress National Secretary Akhilesh Yadav, Mohd. Harris Nalapad, along with many IYC National office bearers, State Presidents, and many other Goa Youth Congress workers were present in the protest.

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